Where it all Began

I watch a lot of TV. You could say, I am the very definition of a couch potato. Yet I also out doorsy. On the rare occasion that I get out into the open, I always enjoy come rain or shine. I always dream of getting there, making my mark, experience things that I pretend to experience through the looking glass that is my TV. I was always complaining but never doing.

Then I got into a relationship but it wasn’t good. Granted there was some good times but I felt myself changing becoming more dependent and as a result more anxious. I couldn’t stand up for myself. I didn’t realise that it was the relationship that was making me sad until I couldn’t do it anymore. I wanted to escape, get back to me.

Breaking up with him was the hardest thing I ever had to do but I knew it was right and I don’t regret it. Not when it has lead me here. My life has become even more complicated but not unbearable or even preventable.

The reason being i that after the break up, one of the first things I did was stop the trip I was planning with my ex. It wasn’t me. Instead I booked my flight to Uganda. A 6 week adventure doing missionary work.

The only other trip I took out of the UK was to Denmark, and that’s only a two hour flight away to a first world country. I didn’t really think it through. But then again, I am glad I didn’t. Even though there was hardships, seeing all these people in so much need, it was all worth it. Even me getting food poisoning and then an infection which to this date I don’t know where it was, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Because, while I was there I couldn’t have been happier. I met some awesome people and I did some good work that fulfilled my life with a purpose. With the help of one person in particular along with the life I lead in Uganda, I become more confident, more me. A got into a relationship that didn’t trap me but aloud me to spread out my wings and test them. Eventually, I found myself again, my inner happiness returned. Granted I still have my problems, doesn’t everybody? but I’m me.

My new boyfriend inspires me to do more with my life and its with his encouragement and his passion for these street kids, that I find myself with the confidence to walk 300 miles.



One thought on “Where it all Began

  1. Is she dreaming or is she realistic?
    What is she up to ?

    This portrays the real true picture of the person I met first time.
    Her visions in all her day to day discussions are very wonderful and I have found it difficult not to agree with her. In many ways you find it binding to move besides her shoulder to shoulder.
    One occasion that I saw which broke her heart was the case of street kids . I saw her very troubled with lots and lots of tears in her eyes but she was able to contain the situation. She remained speechless for a long time.
    Inspite of all the emotions, I didn’t know that she could hatch out a program “The 300miles walk for the street kids of Uganda”.
    This girl not only is she beautiful and cheerful, she is clever, she is wise, she is assertive and full of humor .
    Being my closest friend, I have this message for people up there

    For people up there please please join her in this Noble cause in support of these needy street children. To my surprise Gracie is already a mother given the care and sense of humor that she exudes in handling these miserable situations.
    How embarrassing will it look to the British people when your own child is struggling alone to make a mark in your former colonies ? Surely she needs your support.
    Come on Gracie’s friends, will you let her walk alone? Surely not .
    I’m optimistic that this journey will help us unite many friends to chat about distant friends corners of Africa. COME ONE , COME ALL!!!

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