The Makings of a Volunteer

In the few weeks before I went to Uganda so much happened to me.

I realised that it best to get everything sorted weeks in advanced. Some vaccines require a few week to come into effect especial cholera. I took it too late which meant I had to take the 3rd dose of the cholera medicine when I was already in Uganda. I also had to get a formed signed because i was on prescribed medicine (I’m asthmatic). Strangely I left myself 2 days  do it. But God answered my prayer and the form was done the next day, though it was supposed to take about a week due to the need for an appointment.

Then I lost the proof that I got yellow fever vaccinations. This is something I needed to have in order to get into the country! Luckily, Boots gave me another one, although I had to pay £15 to get it. Boots is lovely but expensive; I had to pay £60 for my yellow fever vaccinations and later found out I could have gotten it for free with the uni. At least it meant I got it done in time.

I also got baptist a week before I left. Since I was leaving on the eve of my birthday i used this opportunity to celebrate my birthday too. It was an awesome day. The whole occasion was station at beached, yes I was baptised in the sea! Pretty awesome especially because there was also a barbecue. Free food!

I knew this was the right time to get baptised, even though I have believed in Jesus all my life. I knew because when i had resurfaced from the water, I got the picture of a butterfly opening its wings for the first time. I was reborn again and beginning to fly, become who I am meant to be. Apart is this was to venture into Uganda.


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