Beauty of the Unknown

Yeah this is going to harder than I thought; Yesterday, I walked 16.5 miles. I was hoping for 20 but by the 12th mile I was aching so bad, by the 14th I was wavering and by the 16th I hobbled onto a bus. Today I am still hurting. My knee feels like its twisted, yet i still feel good because its Christmas and I managed to walk further than I have walked in a day before.

You know when even when night fell and I was still several miles from home hurting like my muscle were going to stop stretching any second and after walking up a steep hill which I didn’t know I was going to climb, I found myself singing Christmas songs at the top of my lungs. So you see, despite it all, I had a grand time.

I started out doing a round trip that was going to be roughly 7 miles to go to an illumination festival. I discovered that the central park was much bigger and more awesome than I thought.


But when I was about a miles off from the location of this festival after sneaking into a pub because I really really needed the loo, I found myself turning right instead of left. I looked on google maps and found a patch of green which I was hoping would be beautiful for some late lunch right by the River Tamar.

Well, I got there, but it was all owned by the MOD. So I wondered around trying to find something pretty to look at and sit down for lunch. This was kind of scary as there was a voice in the back of my head saying your going to prison, what if your on MOD land? Of cause, that was just paranoia, interesting nonetheless.

In following what my eyes saw which my brain interpreting ‘that looks interesting’, I found some pretty surprisingly beautiful hidden gems; Including a path that was so covered in bramble I was crouching and a hill so steep that I had to sit down and hold onto the weeds. All worth it because they lead to this..


Yes this is going to be difficult but totally worth it. Lets not forget that, though this has positive things in-store for me, the 300miles is for Uganda street children so please follow the donate tab and share with #walk300.

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