Success! I Cycled to Ivybridge and Back

Cycle stats (google fit) Day: Tuesday 13th February 2018 Miles: 21.27     Average speed: 5.54mph     Time: 4h 46m 34s     Calories: 1,286 This journey was...interesting. For one, it was the first cycle ride of this length that I had done on my own. Cycling on my own meant there was no one to keep me motivated, make … Continue reading Success! I Cycled to Ivybridge and Back

My failed walk to Tavistock

Walk stats (google fit) Day: Wednesday 7th February 2018 Miles: 14.6     Steps: 38,483     Time: 6h 12m 37s     Calories: 1,647 Walk details Getting to Tavistock wasn't the only thing that failed, in fact, I originally planned to go to Plymstock. You can see in this picture how much of a detour that it took. How did I do … Continue reading My failed walk to Tavistock