What am I Fighting For?

⇐ This is me, and this is a picture taken in the slums of Kisenyi, Kampala, Uganda with the street kids that live there. Branches of life international efforts are primarily focused here, and I had the privilege to see all that they are doing in June/July 2017.

I was first surprised by how crude the surroundings were and speechless at the line of kids sleeping in front of that green container; It was too hot during the day to work and instead they would work during the morning and night picking up bottles to at least get enough money for drugs. The drugs kill the hunger because they can’t afford food.

This picture shows a child is smoking drugs. It smelt like glue. He is also holding a bag which he would fill plastic bottles.

The slums were below basic but they gave a place for street children, and other poor civilians, to be somewhat safe and start building their lives. Unfortunately, as of this moment, the hand-craft homes of Kisenyi are being demolished as the land is being brought.

In response to this, I have decided to focus my fundraising efforts towards raising £100,000 to fund a rehab centre for a year in partnership with Branches of Life International. The rehab centre would be a safe haven for street kids to grow and become who they were meant to be. This is primarily done by reconnecting the children back to their parents through therapy and Christian teachings (to demote witchcraft, which is a serious thing in Uganda and promote better care). The centre will also provide different kinds and levels of education to provide a pathway for a better future.

In the picture children of the slums are standing around a demolished set of homes. If they resist, they are thrown in prison.
The Rehab Center

Why is it going to cost £100,000?
£2 per day will feed a child breakfast, lunch and dinner
£320 is the cost of 40 dozen book, 10 boxes of pen and 10 boxes of pencils, flips charts, markers and rubbers.
£1500 per year will send 5 children to secondary school (£100 per term)
£4715 is the cost per month to host courses in tailoring (for 5 individuals at £300/month), carpentry works (for 7 individuals at £400/month ) and agricultural management (for 4 individuals at £100/month). This equates to £56,582 for the year.
£9269, per year, is the cost to employ the various staff needed; 2 social workers, 2 community liaison officers,  a monitoring and evaluation officer and a program director.
Extra money above these costs would facilitate unforeseen expenses and room for expansion allowing Branches of life to reach more lives among fees for general maintenance and electricity.


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