Success! I Cycled to Ivybridge and Back

Cycle stats (google fit)

Day: Tuesday 13th February 2018

Miles: 21.27     Average speed: 5.54mph     Time: 4h 46m 34s     Calories: 1,286

This journey was…interesting. For one, it was the first cycle ride of this length that I had done on my own. Cycling on my own meant there was no one to keep me motivated, make me happy when there was yet another hill. I even decided to go a different way back to Plymouth via Emington and Yealmpton; I have this weird thing against merely turning around and heading back. Even though I prefer going a different route back, I was naive to think it would be just as easy.

Oh, how wrong I was! There were so many hills, and I found myself walking most of them. This walking was unsettling: I felt more fragile against the traffic especially where the road was narrow. Strangely though, every time I got off my bike to walk the traffic died down. I say that was my God protecting me. You might not believe that, but it gave me the strength to somewhat enjoy the way back despite my butt hurting and my lungs threatening to explode.

Despite the constant breathlessness and aching muscles, I do love doing this, and it’s not just because I experience new and beautiful things that this world has to offer but because I have a goal I am aiming for and each step, each push is a push closer to that goal. I am putting in an effort to try and raise money for street kids in Uganda. Please don’t let it go to waste; these kids need your help too. Don’t forget to donate and click on the ‘donate’ tab above now or go directly to my gofundme page using this link:  Your money will go towards funding a rehab centre to give street children a better future. Find out more about that here: What am I fighting for?

I can’t write a post like this an not give you an explore of the beautiful sites I found along the way…

The River Plym
I thought this looked amazing despite the massive puddle that made me turn around
I technically wasn’t supposed to be on this path, it was reserved only for walkers, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity for a great photo!
I am so going back here. I had no idea Saltram Park had a beach
Saltram Park




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