My Wembury Adventure

Walk stats (google fit)

Day: Saturday 24th February 2018

Miles: 16.99  Steps: 45,584  Time: 8h 20m 35s  Calories: 3460

What a beautiful journey this one was, though we almost got lost on quite a few occasions. Oh yes, it wasn’t just me this time as my good friend Beth joined me which means I had somebody other than my mind to talk to. We first walked the erm-Plym trail to Wembury and then took the coast-coast trail back. Below are a few photos illustrating what my walk was like. See more photos by following me on Instagram @graciethesilvester.

Sheep! They strangely remind me of my childhood the part that was located in Shetland. A brilliant place for a child’s mind to grow. One sheep was kneeling on its front legs. I have no idea what that is about but it was funny to watch it munch along.
My awesome friend, Beth making this whole adventure so much better.
Wembury beach, a place that reaches my heart every time…
So breathtaking I had to capture it. This was obviously during the coast-coast part of our journey.
Kind of went the wrong way but we found this little gem. Still don’t know what it used to be but it’s by the late so I had a fantasy pop into my head about renovating it because who doesn’t want to live by a lake!
I didn’t get back home until 8pm and so I could get an amazing picture like this. Makes all the pain worth it.

I experienced a lot of firsts during this adventure. Regarding the walk this was the first walk with a friend, the first walk seeing sheep and horses, the first time my friend got electrocuted by a fence, the first walking along the coast and the first time getting stuck is so much mud! Yea don’t walk over a field when it had rained the previous day.

Overall, the was pretty interesting, but what made it even better was the fact that I reached a new personal best! 17 miles, woop! I didn’t even know until the day after. I was so shooked, but I admit the intense pain made sense after that revelation.

I’m getting there (she says with a sigh of relief), that 20 miles mark is in sight. I am so excited. However, It’s not about me or the beautiful places I go. It’s about raising funds for a deserving charity who is working with vulnerable children. Read  What am I Fighting For? to find out more and don’t forget to donate. They need you.


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