The Talent showcase: a case of bad but good

Last Wednesday was the night that was going to change everything. I woke up that morning believing that the number of donations would tenfold and with so many people coming through the door of the venue for my talent showcase we were going to have one of the coolest night ever! But…barely anybody showed up. Am I sad? No. Was I sad? Oh, yea; that day was one of the most stressful days of my life so much so that I barely rolled out of bed the next day. The number of tears I cried when it was 30 mins after the show should have started, but less than 10 people showed, man I was a wreck.

Then something happened; My dad talked to the acts to explain everything, and they all decided to stay and perform anyway. I am going to cry just thinking about it. We all decided the show must go on. It actually almost felt like a birthday party, personal and fun. I even got to show off one of my originals, a song I wrote specifically for this campaign. Even though it was a small crowd having people hear was amazing.

Then people with the graciousness of there heart donated quite a bit, some even taking away sponsorship forms. The venue didn’t charge me either as I was unable to cover it meaning I walked away with over £70 to go towards the rehab centre, that’s more than double the amount I had raised thus far. To top that off Pamilia Smith donated a generous £20 online that day leaving me with a grand new total of £123.50 and the walk hasn’t even begun yet. It may take me longer to reach that £100,000, but I won’t stop at that 300-mile walk, you can rest assured on that.

I’d like to thank everyone that came to the showcase especially the participants and my parents for drying up my tears and making the night worthwhile. I shouldn’t forget to thank Tam Mildren for pulling together most of the acts for me, I now know who to turn to when I try this again, hehe, but seriously thank you.

Now to the general public, I need your help; donate now and help save children’s lives. All it takes is £2 to give a child the basic necessities of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Haven’t read up on what I want to raise money for? Well, click on this link and find out.



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