The Chaos Before the Storm

Walk stats (google fit)

Day: Saturday 5th May 2018

Miles: 19.65      Steps: 51,326     Time: 8h 34m     Calories: 2,180

Thats right, almost 20 miles! That made me want to do a boggy dance singing “I did it, aha aha, I did it aha aha, oh thats the way aha aha I like it” but of cause, I didn’t because, as I flopped down on my bed at 9:30 in the afternoon, it felt like I had had my life sucked out of me. I even had to sit down in the shower because I was too exhausted to stand up.  I can’t forget, either, how painful the night was; I had to put wet towels around my legs just so i could sleep. That actually worked mind and now I have a proven method.

It might seem like I am complaining a lot here but I don’t regret it one bit. Which is a good thing considering I have 300 miles to walk still. It did however make me re-elevate my checkpoints. Stay tuned to find out what that looks like. My mum has devised a cunning way to show proof of my walk mileage, talk to people in the processes and have a keep sake to take home, which I think is pretty awesome.

Anyway, back to the walk. I have to say. this walk was one of the most interesting walks anybody could ever go on because, I kid you not, I saw two wild otters, three wild pheasants, probably trespassed twice, definitely trespassed once (shusssssh, don’t tell anyone), I got side track down a road that even Google didn’t know was cut in two and made into dead ends, I jumped over two streams (and two fences) and went the wrong way a couple of times. Who ever said I wasn’t adventurous is a lier.

This definitely was not the way

But going wrong never stopped me getting the best views…

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