A Dogtastic Day by the Sea

Walk stats (Google fit)

Day: Saturday 12th May 2018

Miles: 16.18      Steps: 43,943     Time: 7h 17m     Calories: 2,180

This walk wasn’t as long as the last one but still quiet hard; Who knew Cornwall had that many hills? For some reason, I wasn’t as motivated either which made the walk less enjoyable. That didn’t stop me, however, from finding the most gorgeous views… and walking through a field of sheep.

And lets not forget the traditional unusual factor of this walk… say hello to my little friends!

I found this one while having lunch in Saltash.
And I found this one after walking down a hill that turned out to be a dead end. She did make the way back up slightly more cheerful.

I walked in so many circles on this walk, makes you appreciate the beauty of Google maps. However, if I didn’t walk were my feet took me I would have never found these sights or these dogs. I would have never found the charming village of Forder, the place I made circles around. Perhaps it was God telling me I haven’t seen it all yet. You see, there is #beauty in the unknown; there is #beauty in being carefree and spontaneous. I have to say though, it is not for the fainted hearted.

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