13 day in already!

I am so sorry for the lack of post but I hope you have been following me on Facebook. No word of a lie, I have done 13 days of walking already. Now there is only a week to go which feels like nothing after everything I have had to endure.

I have had cramps in every part of my legs, pain associated with stretched ligaments, and not to forget the blisters!

But despite that, most of my days have actually been fun because my family have been here every step of the way supporting me, providing food and a support van with an emergency loo in (by the way you have no idea how much that is needed when your stuck in the middle of nowhere). They also provide entertainment singing at the top of our lungs or making me laugh so hard I cry. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without them.

For your information, for accomodation, my sister and I (now my brother who joined us monday) are sleeping in a tent while the parents sleep in a camper van. We have been working on the generosity of campsite owners for providing free/cheaper accomodation in support of the cause. Therefore, I give special thanks to:

  • Acacia farm near Taunton, Somerset
  • Beeches farm in St Weonards
  • Forest glade, Collumpton
  • Eaton court farm, Leominster .

The fundraising is going well; with the generosity from Plymouth University Gospel Choir, Destiny Church in Wakefield, Grove URC in Gomersal, Gatehouse Blackpool, Christian Life Center in Leominster and other people who have given so much for the cause we have raised over £1300!!!!

That is amazing but it isn’t enough. Come on guys. I believe we can get £2000 by the end of the day. That doesn’t need to be straight up donations; you can still sponsor per mile and pay later. Comment below if you want to do this and please remember what we are doing and why we are doing it.

I am, with the support of my family, walking 300miles from Plymouth to Blackpool. This is essentially walking from my university to home significant the countless our of walking that children in Uganda has to walk in order to simply survive. The is is to raise funds for a rehab centre run by Branches of Life International. The rehab centre works on behalf of the street children in Kampala, Uganda where the need is over 4000 strong and made more important by the selling of slum land to big industries . The money you raise will personally be given towards this rehab centre by me.

Please, we really need your help and donations to reach our goal of £100,000 which will fund the rehab centre for an entire year. I can’t do it without you.

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