Blisters and More but oh so Close

Its Sunday and do you know what that means…only 3 days to go!!!! 16 full days of walking down and we are finally nearing the end. Hopefully my body keeps together; Thanks to Dad, our first aider, I have been able to walk through some of the worst blisters I have ever seen (they are several layers deep).

My grandma came to visit yesterday which was a nice change. The ice cream was delicious by the way 😁 so thankyou grandma. I have said this before but I am so thankful for the support my family is giving me.

Thanks again to the generosity of people allowing us to stay on their campsite at a free/reduce price. You guys have really made our journey better.

And we are now at roughly £1400 after 250 miles. We are getting there but still a long way off from that goal. I know it is possible. Please go to the donate tap now and be apart of something great, helping improve the lives of street children.

I just wanted to show you this amazing ship we saw on our walk yesterday from Tarporley to Warrington

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