Join the Campaign

Want to support me and my efforts? Why not sponsor a mile. This is when you promise to give a certain amount per mile, so you become part of the action. Jane Tollyfield (aka Grandma) has kindly said she will sponsor me with 20p per mile. This means if I complete the whole 300 miles I will get £60. You don’t have to donate that much, but it’s a way that would motivate me to keep going. I can see your support increase with0 the number of miles I cover. Perhaps you’ll give £1 every 10 miles (roughly £2 a day. This isn’t much, but it would amount up to £15 which would really help in retrieving that goal, and it would be like sponsoring a child breakfast, lunch a dinner every day. That is sure to make you feel good! If this is what you want to do, click the contact tab now and tell me. I’ll get back to you right away with a big massive thank you!

Could you go a step further and download this Walk300 Sponsorship Form to get your family and friends on board too! Just think of the money we could raise together. My goal will become your goal; this helps boost my motivation but would give you smile on your face when I complete all those miles too. It means you would have helped me reach that goal and you are helping to fund a rehab centre for street kids. Kids that have nothing but the clothes they were and the support from people like you and me. If this doesn’t convince you then if you raise over £40, I will give you a free walk300 t-shirt (over £60 you can upgrade to a hoodie!).

You could also do a walk of your own. It doesn’t have to be 300 miles because I know that everyone is not as insane as me. But if your interested get in contact with me and we can talk. I promise I won’t bite.

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